A bag of questions

OBS: Exepcionalmente, o post abaixo está em inglês. Provavelmente contenha erros ortográficos, gramaticais, e expressões inapropriadas, porque escritas por uma brasileira distante do uso corrente desse idioma. Mas assim foi, buscando respeitar a forma bruta como as idéias vieram. Ou talvez porque andei convivendo esses dias com Carrie Bradshaw e suas amigas. Ou simplesmente porque às vezes é mais fácil dizer numa língua que não a nossa…

How to be in a life´s mood before getting over the sick days, which turn us as weak as hopeless? And then, what? A day by day´s life, sometimes, is more than one can handle. A good breath, sometimes, is more that one can handle. Will we be able to live without an untouchable carrot in front of our nose? Are we prepared to give up, to stop following carrots? Do we need to have hopes to keep walking? Is it possible to loose only the crazy expectations, and to keep the usefull ones? How much time do we need to separate them? And how to well direct the good ones, in order to construct something interesting with the precious pieces of dream which come from our real lives? Must the feet be all the time on the ground for a good walking? Where is the (reliable) ground? Do we command our feet? As we get more mature, do we comand our wishes? What about speaking another language, when our usual becomes strange? What about the sounds of silence? Have you ever been touched by this senseless that walks around, normally using make up? Have you ever realized that, suddenly, it can get into ourselves, although it is not invited? Who can prove that “what goes around comes around”? Lenny Kravitz? Arnaldo Antunes? Buda? Common people? Sometimes, being alive is just a question of sense of humor. And faith, a lot say. But if God is just a big laugh in an endless empty space, that used to be full of ilusions and explications? Life can become quite boring sometimes, even hearing God´s laugh and laughing with Him. So boring, that we have to imagine we are someone else, that the world is something else… Well, healthy hopes – and actions – are part of life too, thanks God, rs. But today, my special thanks goes to the Good Writers and the Good Movie Makers. That´s all folks, all for these long, hard and sick days.


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